Expense Reduction That Endures

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5 Reasons why you should choose Profitbuilders.

Profit Builders is the solution for cost reduction consulting and delivering value added solutions to your emerging-growth or middle-market company.

  • Profit Builders NO RISK Guarantee
  • Proven success rate of over 95%
  • Straightforward compensation: 40% of provable savings for 1 year only. Many of our competitors charge 50% over 3 years.
  • Extensive experience
  • 5 Step Business Process proven across multiple industries with companies experiencing every growth phase.
  1. Our No Risk Guarantee: either we implement success or we don’t get paid.

  2. The bottom line is that if you don’t see savings, there are no fees for our services. There simply is no risk in doing business with Profit Builders. By offering this guarantee we realize not only our reputation is at stake, but we take on the financial risk. Our efforts must achieve results or there is no fee to you.

  3. Profit Builders 95% success rate.

  4. One of the key reasons to choose Profit Builders: our success rate. Since 1994 we have achieved 95% success rate for our clients. We owe this to our extensive history of managing successful companies.

  5. Compensation to Profit builders: 40% of provable savings for one year.

  6. We invoice only 40% of savings you realize from implementing our recommendations for the 1st year only. There are no hidden fees, or fluctuating percentages based on higher rates of savings. This simple approach makes sense to our clients, and we realize a clear understanding of compensation to Profit Builders is important to you, and that is important to us.

  7. Experience with implementing cost reduction programs

  8. Before we started Profit Builders in 1994, our executive team had been involved in a number of successful businesses focused on streamlining process, managing expenses, while maintaining growth. We utilized this experience and developed a model for enterprise solutions that has saved our clients over 10M dollars of savings over one year.

  9. Profit Builders 5 Step Business Process proven across multiple industries experiencing every phase of growth.

  10. We are proud to offer our 5 Step Business Process which can impact any type of business experiencing every phase of growth. We’ve shared success from large bakery chains to perfume and cosmetics retailers. We’ve worked with small start-ups to retail chains with over 500 locations. No matter what you are doing and what growth phase you are experiencing, Profit Builders system of business and freight cost reduction services is relevant to you.