Expense Reduction That Endures

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Our 5 Step Business Process

We at Profit Builders are professionals and will constantly provide feedback on our findings. We also acknowlege that privacy is a key part of what we do, and we are prepared to enter into a non-disclosure agreement. Our five step process provides cost reduction solutions and value-added advisory services by the process outlined below:

  • Step 1 - Review
  • Conduct a thorough review of paid invoices. Areas of interest include, but not limited to: Communications - both wireless and landlines, printing, promotional items, supplies and freight - both domestic and international.

  • Step 2 - Explore
  • Working independently, we explore and identify areas of cost reduction.

  • Step 3 - Negotiate
  • Negotiate policies and contracts. Educate employees on how to manage ongoing programs and continue reductions long-term. We're part of your business team and we're with you to the end!

  • Step 4 - Execute
  • Establish services with new price points, by which the company's savings can be measured and improved each month.

  • Step 5 - Document and Report
  • Provide documentation on the ongoing cost benefits accruing to the company. We will provide proof of savings on a monthly basis.


Sephora - San Francisco, CA

Sephora is a leading chain of perfume and cosmetics stores.  In the United States and Canada, there are over 280 Sephora stores and over 270 Sephora stores inside JCPenney stores.

Stacks & Stacks, Richmond, CA

We noticed immediate savings of 20-30% after Profit Builders reviewed and renegotiated our operating expenses.

We saved $140,000 in one year.

Mel Ronick

CEO, Stacks & Stacks